Immersive Art

Co-Exist / Co-Exit: The Future Was Today

An immersive art experience curated by Rashid Rana and Risham Syed


Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design, Beaconhouse National University (BNU) proudly presents ‘Co-exist / Co-exit : The Future Was Today’, the work of diverse creative practitioners with disparate processes, coming together to celebrate the philosophy of the school that takes on a student-centric approach, giving them the freedom to forge their own unique paths of exploration.

This immersive art experience brings forth practices in visual arts and design that cut across geographical, temporal, and cultural boundaries. The works showcased take a fresh approach to exploring critical processes of research, questioning, and reinventing existing methods of creating art. This contributes critically, yet creatively to the world we live in. There is an engagement with pertinent questions of the past and present, with ideas of materiality and modes of interpretation for future and back simultaneously. The works transverse mediums and formats, social hierarchies and fixities of time and space, opening up avenues for the future that these clairvoyants can already foresee.