2005: ‘Towards 2035 Nov-Dec 2005’

In November/December 2005, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Beaconhouse collaborated to bring ‘Towards 2035: The School of Tomorrow (SOT)’, described as ‘An International Conference on the Future of Schools and Education’. This conference opened at the Convention Centre Islamabad, while its 2nd and 3rd days were in Karachi and Lahore, at the Pearl-Continental Hotels.


2010: ‘Freedom to Learn’

In 2010, the conference was held in Lahore, Pakistan. A principal objective of the conference was for educators to reassess some of their earlier beliefs of what constitutes progressive teaching and learning while helping to shape a new direction for schools at every level, everywhere.


2012: ‘Empowering Lifelong Learners’

The key objective of the conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2012 was for participants, almost 80 percent of whom were teachers, to explore and examine new ways of teaching and learning and identify a way forward for their schools. It also focused on models of professional development and its impact on classroom practice.


2015: ‘The End of Education? (As we know it)’

In order to widen their impact, the series opened to the public for the first time in 2015 when it was held in Karachi, Pakistan. Speakers from around the world shared new ideas and experiences with audiences of tens of thousands of people from all cross-sections of society.


2016: ‘A World of Tomorrow – Seeking Inspiration and Equilibrium in a New Age’

In 2016, the conference was arranged in Lahore, Pakistan. It continued to hold in-depth discussions with specialists to get to the heart of the discussion on New Age, giving insights on the shape of the future. It explored multiple facets of the subject.


2017: ‘A World of Tomorrow – Seeking Inspiration and Equilibrium in a New Age’

The conference in 2017 was arranged in Islamabad, Pakistan. While maintaining maximum audience participation, it discussed an array of subjects and topics that affect our lives and will continue to do so in the future – a variety of perspectives were shared.


2018: ‘A World of Tomorrow Reimagined’

By 2018 it had been 19 years since the School of Tomorrow (SOT) events were initiated as a quest to redefine education and to explore the shape of schools in a yet-unknown future. It featured some of the leading thinkers and educators of the 21st century to understand the world of tomorrow. The event was held in Karachi, Pakistan.


2019: ‘SOT Talks’

In 2019, SOT events launched the inaugural edition of SOT Talks, which were based on a one-day format and included two short sessions. Organised in Islamabad, Pakistan, it covered the theme of mental health and ways to cope with it.