Zarina Mobarak

Zarina Mobarak

Zarina MobarakΒ joined Beaconhouse in September 1988 as a Senior Teacher at Garden Town Campus, in Lahore, Pakistan. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Kinnaird College and a Diploma in Mathematics from Aitchison College. Before joining BSS, she had taught at Aitchison College and Lahore Grammar School.

Within a year of joining Beaconhouse, Ms. Mobarak was promoted to Vice-Principal at Garden Town Campus. Her next assignment started in March 1990 when she joined the Central Region as an Academic Coordinator. Her professional achievements contributed towards another great leap in August 1992 when she was appointed the Director of Studies based at the BSS head office in Lahore. Within the space of four years, she had climbed the career ladder from Senior Teacher to Director of Studies.

The next step in her career came when she was appointed Regional Director North in July 1996, based out of Islamabad, Pakistan. In December 2006, after completing eighteen years of service with Beaconhouse, Zarina Mobarak was appointed Regional Director Southeast Asia, based out of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Under Ms. Mobarak’s dynamic leadership, the SEA region has seen considerable growth and progress over the past six years in business development, school expansions, team building, continuous improvement in education quality and long term sustainability. Her contributions towards BSS in both Pakistan and South East Asia have been remarkable and her dedication and consequent career progression within Beaconhouse is exemplary.