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Heather Terrill Stotts

Heather Terrill Stotts

Heather Terrill Stotts is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Innovative Schools Network (

In her 25 years as an educator, Dr Stotts has been an elementary and middle school teacher, an elementary principal, a childcare director, an educational consultant, and a professor of education. In 2010, Dr. Terrill Stotts oversaw the creation of the Studio School, an arts integrated, project- and place-based elementary school in Spring Green, Wisconsin, USA.

She has a long history of advocating for high-quality professional development, innovative educational practices, constructivist education, and the importance of arts and creativity for every student. In her role as Executive Director, Dr. Terrill Stotts emphasises collaboration among teachers and schools to prepare all students for the challenges of the twenty-first century.