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Dr Christine Susan Wise

Dr Christine Susan Wise

Dr Christine Susan Wise is a Senior Lecturer at The Open University in the UK.  She is responsible for the Masters and EdD in Leadership and Management there.  Her research interests are predominately in areas related to leadership demonstrated by those in educational organisations who are often not designated leaders, including those in the middle tier, students and non-education professionals.

After conducting a desk study on distributed leadership in 2002 and a literature review on middle leadership in 2003, she became actively involved in conducting national surveys on middle leadership in more than 2600 schools.  These surveys were funded by the National College for School Leadership, UK.  She was also a member of the organising committee for a research seminar funded by the British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society.

Dr Wise has gained a wealth of knowledge through passionate and determined research on leadership in educational organisations.  She is a published author and has several books, journal articles and other written material on educational leadership and management to her credit.