Ayesha Kasuri

Ayesha Kasuri

Ayesha Kasuri is a trained and certified early childhood educator. She completed her graduate and postgraduate studies at Kinnaird, before moving to Virginia, USA in 1998. There she joined the Montessori Academy Internationale, a programme which culminates in a Master of Education degree in conjunction with Loyola University. The Montessori Academy Internationale (AMI ) is an institute founded by Maria Montessori to carry on her life’s work.

Ayesha has worked closely with the 0-6 age group and has helped design and implement several early childhood programmes in the US. She is passionate about what she does and does not consider her responsibilities as work; rather, she views her role as a commitment to children and their future. Having two little ones of her own, she loves to take her work home!

After being a teacher, consultant and trainer, Ayesha joined TNS as the head of the Early Years in January 2009. She diverged slightly from her Montessori path when she attended the Reggio International conference in Singapore where she was inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, the overarching philosophy at TNS.

In the summer of 2011, Ayesha became a teacher trainer for project-based learning. She earned her credits from two different organisations: the Buck Institute for Education, which is the pioneer and leading institute for PBL, and the University of Aurora in Chicago. Part of her training was to teach PBL units at the Illinois Math and Science Academy for gifted children; she says she learnt most from the students and is currently busy implementing the principles of PBL at TNS.

Ayesha is the Deputy Head of TNS and is dedicated to ensuring that TNS is a community that values the rights of children and helps project a positive image of the child, and where the team aspires to create a legacy of global-minded, critical and higher-order thinkers who will be the leaders of tomorrow.