We know that multiple problems afflict all cultures and societies including war, greed, poverty, disease, nationalism, unemployment, sectarianism, terrorism, and issues of social justice. Embracing a more optimistic and aspirational vision, Beaconhouse dares to imagine a world of the future in which we may all flourish as unique individuals held together by the tapestries of our cultures, traditions, and conjoined history. Through developing our intellectual, emotional and social competencies, we will understand the global phenomena that both afflict us and drive us to create a better world.

A World of Tomorrow hopes to provide a setting to deepen our social discourse by introducing inspirational new ideas. This unique conference will bring together members of the public with leading thinkers from Pakistan and around the world to discuss emerging issues within contemporary societies and how these may contribute to a better future for our children and their children.

As a quest to redefine education and to explore the shape of schools in a yet-unknown future, School of Tomorrow explores and examines new ways of teaching and learning and identifies a way forward for schools.

Our Philosophy

SOT Events, a not-for-profit entity, is collaborated on by Beaconhouse as part of its ongoing commitment to social responsibility. Over the years, the series has evolved and grown, featuring thought leaders – including educators, futurists, technologists, scientists, environmentalists, architects, politicians, business leaders, performance and visual artists, poets, writers, journalists, filmmakers, sportspeople, social activists and many others – from across South Asia, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

SOT Events have been influential as a change agent for Beaconhouse, directly benefiting our learners and educators. In order to widen their impact, the series opened to the public for the first time in 2015. Since then, we have successfully organised major public events in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad featuring more than 500 speakers from around the world. The flow of new ideas and experiences with audiences of tens of thousands of people from all cross-sections of society. These public events focused on the impact of development in geopolitics and global security, media and digital technologies, popular art and culture and climate change on the future of societies worldwide. They also featured the full STEAM Interactive Exhibition as well as a range of cultural performances. The event encourages interaction; allows the participants to interact with world-class academics and educational experts.

Event Features

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